As a PCD pharma company manufacturing pharmaceutical cures, we believe in confirming to high quality of medications and that is the way we could accomplish propaganda of pharma products globally. From guaranteeing that the medications are made according to the business guidelines, we utilize high quality of technology. The bundling to the PCD franchise of Pharmacy Company, everything is carried out by our professionals in an extremely professional way. This has guaranteed that we exceed our rivals in an exceptional way.

Our marketing strategy

What makes a company different from small industries? I think it is marketing strategy that makes you different from crowd. With strong marketing approach, you can quickly establish a good name in domestic as well as international market. For that matter we provide you with the very good and illustrative visual aid, where the images speak for themselves, about the message that you want to send home. A power point presentation is also available for laptop presentation.Our marketing services are best and different from other pharma marketing companies. We also provide SMS service to our clients to keep them updated about our latest release and incentives. You can also request for customized solution as per market demands. The good news is that all of our products are available at industry leading prices without making any compromise with quality standards. We offer monopoly rights for a particular area to the franchisee and even make a contract with franchisee in writing. There are also flexible payment options for potential clients. We provide services on SMS like, Invoice detail, Delivery detail, Bonus offers, New products feedback, Short product arrival, New product launch, Outstanding details, Courier details etc. Also provide: It is that your doctors are sent daily sms along with some quotation or a joke etc, with brand reminder of a product which he is prescribing. For example. If Doctor A is prescribing Welfit Tab -A and doctor B is prescribing Imfit Tab, then doctor A will get the message of Welfit - A and doctor B will get the message of Imfit Tab. Message will read like this. (Dear Dr A, Quotes sponsored by Fitwel Pharma Maker of Welfit -A " Dream is not what you see in sleep. It is something that does not let you sleep. -Abdul Kalam Every day different quotation or joke etc will be sent. It is helpful as a brand reminder and also to attach new doctors. As a marketing person you now marketing is all about shouting and shouting loud, so that maximum number of people hear you.

Order your own new products

As a marketing person many times you feel that if you had such and such product, you could do wonders with it. Or you want to upgrade your products as per changing markets.


Our Prices are one of the most economical in the franchisee market.
We have a transparent policy on it. Our rates are the same everywhere. They do not change from customer to customer. If one is buying bigger lots, he gets the schemes.

Monopoly rights

We offer monopoly rights for a particular area to the franchisee and even make a contract with franchisee in writing.


Once in the beginning it will be advance , thereafter it all depends on dealings


We are prompt in supply of goods. This is the most important thing that your markets established with lots of labour are not disturbed.
We supply promotional inputs like Visual Aid, MR bag, Product Cards, Reminder Cards and Stickers, Catch Covers, Visiting Cards etc. free of cost depending on the quantum of business.
We provide gift articles on cost to cost basis.